Licht-Concept is working international

Light-concept acts both nationally and internationally. In order to be allowed to work in other European countries, Licht concept is represented not only at its headquarters in Germany, but also is registrered as company in some other locations in Europe. The concession for the implementation and acceptance of electrical installation work is available in many countries. This makes it possible for us to work abroad without or with relatively short lead-time.






Licht-Concept GmbH

Buchener Str. 16c

D-74731 Walldürn



Fiscal addresses:

Licht-Concept GmbH

p.Adr. Real Treuhand und Revisions AG

Lilienweg 3

CH-9472 Grabs


Licht-Concept Hungaria Kft.

p.Adr. InterGest Hungaria

Lövohàz utca 30

H-1024 Budapest


Note: All other countries will be charged to Germany!