We are the specialists for optimal lighting.

Therefore Licht concept is not fixed to a manufacturer, but decided, as required, which light for which application is advantageous.


We can also offer thus a very wide range of different designs and different price ranges.


Our product range includes the entire market for technical and decorative lights:


Live rails and spots


Recessed lighting


Mounted lights


Emergency and safety lighting


Outdoor lighting


Furniture lighting


LED lights


Boom lights






Lighting systems


Ceiling and pendant lights


Floor and wall lights


Light means detail


At light, we also pay attention to the details. Function and quality are of great importance. An important role is playing the reflector, the lamp and ballast. Already in the planning, we´re using various beam angles, to achieve appropriate lighting effects.


Light is lightness


With it incurs Shadows. Because of the different levels of brightness, things become too spatial objects. Certain architectural designs are enhanced with the aid of light, or even just became evident as such.


The better the quality of light is, the clearer things are enlightened. The quality of light creates colors: the better the quality the more brilliant they are.


Colored light is produced when an appropriate filter, which only let pass the wavelengths of the colors you want, is upstreamed white light.


Different light qualities produce in our brain certain moods. This decides about the sympathy factor of a product and, ultimately, whether a product is purchased or not. Additional, trendy "fashionable" color scales arise, by the continuously changing sociological factors, such as passing fashion.