The management of the company is now divided into three parts: The technical part is done by the founder Willi Hennig until today. The commercial sector is done by his daughter Nicole Bechtold and sales function is done by his son in law Heiko Bechtold. Together, the family is a trio, that shares the responsibility for the management and the progress of Licht Concept company. What many companies can only dream isn´t a problem for Licht Concept: The generational change is secured. Together we care about the internal governance and management of the company. They are responsible for the company in the commercial, technical and social establish so that an efficient operating procedure is guaranteed.

Willi Hennig, Managing Director
He is responsible for all technical parts. The necessary know-how and creativity in lighting design has Licht Concept in more than 25 years of experience acquired and improved over and over again. Head and bringer of ideas is here primarily Willi Hennig, who already has more than 40 years of experience in the lighting design. Under his leadership, many shops were expertly lit to this day. There are almost no German city, where shops were not illuminated by Licht Concept. The development of customer specific special lighting is one of his tasks. He is also in the field of electrical installations the decision-maker and coordinator.

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Nicole Bechtold, Business Management
Mrs. Bechtold is a professional Master of Business Administration and she is responsible for the commercial and organizational issues. 60 employees take care of the processing of orders. All this must be managed and organized. Whether the creation of advertisements, brochures and flyers, all IT-related responsibility of the hardware through software to the phone, organizing company outings and training, personnel management, recruitment, compensation management and human resources – all this is handled in house of Licht Concept. Even the accounts receivable, accounts payable and fixed asset accounting to the preparation of financial statements and the entire insurance management is done by Licht Concept itself. The relevant remit of business administration are here under her direction. As authorized signatory, General Manager and shareholder business she has responsibility to outside since 2006. She is also the instructor of our commercial apprentices.

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Heiko Bechtold, Leitung Vertrieb, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
Responsible for sales. Mr. Bechtold is at the company Licht Concept since 2000. He is a trade specialist, electronics technician and lighting designer, and therefore the perfect partner in "light stuff" In addition to serving its own customer base, including all sales decisions go through him. No matter whether it's distribution policy, distribution strategy and the efficient organization of the sales process. When contacting potential customers, the evaluation of requests and the preparation of offers, the requirements of the customers and the company's goals are equally considered. Here a balance must be created. His remit is the maintenance of contacts with business partners and customers. As a member of the Management, he doesn't only look for the affairs of the department sales, but also for all other tasks arising in management, the result of the business and the smooth course of business concern.

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