Everything from one source!


Customer service is more than just a word for us, it stands for our philosophy. This means that we focus not only on part work, but offer complete solutions -. "non-stop" from concept to realization.


Our service begins with the expert advice, for which we take much time. Finally, it is the basis for all subsequent work. The next steps are the creative lighting design and the timely and reliable delivery of all required materials. We assume the professional installation - we do not leave customers with the supplied technology products alone.


But that's not all: by Licht concept, before opening of a store, the lights will positioned and aligned . Only way to ensure that the light shows its proper effect and the products are illuminated optimally and the customer is not blinded.


To full service belongs also, in our opinion, that the customer even after the opening has a contact person when it comes to the maintenance of their plant. We offer in this area not only an online light-shop with a service number, at which the Customer may order conveniently replacement demand for its lighting system, but we can also conclude maintenance contracts, with which the customer donīt have to be worried about the electric current in future! Then we visit the customer in regular cycles, replace bulbs and ballasts, or make repairs and reflectors and lights are cleaned.


With our large storage capacity we are normally in the position to deliver within a very short time replacement.