Good planning saves money in the realization of projects.


If we have information about what the customer wants and how the local conditions are, we create a vendor-independent lighting design using CAD.


Our architects and lighting designers create vendor-neutral, budget-oriented, individually and according to the latest technical standard. This is about creative questions, and the mood of the light. The characteristic of the room stand in foreground. It's about staging the moods, and to emphasise your project with the right lighting technology.


We produce innovative and intelligent lighting concepts which are tailored to your needs. Our main intention is to provide the products our customers perfectly set the scene and to support their brands.


The play of light and shade is our passion. We evoke emotions and create worlds of experience.


We even can adapt and optimize existing lighting systems, to today´s standards.

Of course we care not only about the sales floor, but also all ancillary areas. Wherever light is needed - we take care of it.