Innovative lighting concepts with a perfect full-service. This is light-Concept.

We convince our business partners through exceptional performance, high quality and perfect service. As a modern and forward-oriented family is our whole effort to the long-term success, sustainable growth and economic independence.

Among our customers, we maintain an open and cooperative relationship. We respond individually to their needs and expectations and show them in a creative, economical and appropriate solutions. The main intention is always to help clients and their brands. We see ourselves as a part of you and always work in team's success.

Flexibility is both our employees and our suppliers have a criterion that is indispensable due to our strong customer and service orientation-bar is.

Basically, all our business relationships based on trust, openness and fairness. We aim that our clients are more than satisfied with us and our services and we therefore recommend and come back again.

The light-concept-team shows over the normal level of commitment and never gives up. This personal commitment, passion and performance of all employees is the basis for this. In common goal: that is the success of light-concept.

Social responsibility towards society and as an employer
The communities and the environment to give something back. People with respect and dignity. Offer customers the best possible light. These are the principles of our family business in which we believe to this day and every day to implement. The social responsibility extends to the "light-concept family" through all divisions. The following are some examples of our commitment that we made to our business in a socially responsible  exercise way.

Employee Satisfaction


60 people work at Licht Concept today. These people – our employees – are the foundation of our success. And because we owe their dedication and passion so much, it is very important for us to show them how much we appreciate and respect them. We have a responsibility to our employees and their families. Therefore we provide them a pleasant work environment and treat them with respect and dignity, even if occasionally stressful working days requires a lot of flexibility and stamina for both. Licht Concept is not about the so-called shareholder value, in which the primary aim of the management is to increase the worth of the company and achive a high dividend, and thus the workers are only a means to an end. Licht Concept´s aim is to have the long-term existence of the company and secure workplaces, employee-satisfaction and the common sense of making something valuable. The cohesion among the workers and the resulting very good working atmosphere is one of our greatest strengths.


Community support in company outings and company parties


From the beginning, in the company licht-concept we put not only great emphasis on team spirit at work, but also on joint celebrations and a variety of activities.

The annual celebration is not only a reward for the previous year, but also it is for the strengthening of cohesion. The partners of the employees are always cordially invited. They also carry a large part in ensuring that the customers can be served as flexible as possible. But also funny BBQ´s, informative visits and interesting trips are regularly on the programme.



Engagement for local projects, associations and institutions


Licht-Concept sets his mark in many cities they come to create shopping malls and shopping experiences.

Even when shopping, going out, visiting a doctor or in public buildings, the people should feel comfortable. Licht Concept would also like to do more for society. It is an important part of our culture that we participate in community life of our location. Whether tombola, social projects, with advertising signs and advertising for sports and voluntary organizations or church organizations – Licht Concept is always trying to support in the best possible way and to help in particular! Also, the lighting, we provide to you as recently at the project “help for Tara.”


Innovation, measurement and courses


We are represented at many events, such as the "Euro Shop", the "Light & Building", "Eltefa", "Eltec" or at trade shows of our customers or we have workers there. Thus we always see the newest trends and innovations. If we are to represent itself as an exhibitor, we direct exchange, personal and innovative, with our customers.


In addition, every year we offer training for our employees. From workplace safety to new developments in the industry, technical training, english courses and software training Licht-Concept tries the company to push ahead to be prepared in future.







Education is very important for Licht-Concept


Licht Concept employed many apprentices in the office and in some other technical trades. In the vocational training of the merchant's office, they go through each department of the house to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.

In the electrical sector are currently seven trainees on the way to the diploma "electronics for energy and building technology”. They learn the complete electrical installations and lighting on small and large construction sites and they cooperate

 productive. The trainee have qualified personnel on their side, so that no question remains unanswered. Independent work is most important for us. Also for questions about school, Licht Concept has an open ear for our trainees. If necessary, we´ll also give lessons in business and experimenting in our own workshop with circuits.

Satisfy the trainees the high demands and qualifications we would like to take them in permanent employment. Licht Concept has secured the professional offspring and can ensure that is in future more qualified personnel in action.