Licht Concept was founded in 1985 as an one-man company and has been involved with the planning and implementation of shops and lights from the beginning and was one of the first specialists in this field.


Just after one year, the premises were too narrow. The first employees were recruited. Additional to lighting planning, the lighting was supplied and also installed later.


Due to the special know-how, quality of work, punctuality and reliability we could quickly develop into a leading partner of the lighting technology.


In 2010 we had our 25 year anniversary.


Here is the chronicle in detail:



Licht Concept was founded in 1985 as an one-man company and has been involved with the planning and implementation of shops and lights from the beginning and was one of the first specialists in this field.



The first employees were recruited. In 1986, the rooms in the buildings of the founder Willi Hennig was too small and we moved in August, a few houses in the newly created apartment building in the Schachleiterstraße 1.



The premises were now distributed between the two locations in the Schachleiterstraße 1 and 7. Additional to lighting planning, the lighting was supplied and installed itself.



This year, Licht Concept GmbH acquired the former site of the sawmill Dyroff GmbH in the Buchener Straße at the entrance to the town of Wallduern.



In 1989 appeared our annual bulb brochure for the first time, which we sent to minimum 50,000 retailers regularly.



This year Licht Concept has worked for the first time, for the largest and most loyal regular customers,until today "Douglas perfumery”.



In this year at the first December we had to rent another warehouse in the Hornbacher Straße 29, additional to the rented premises in the Schachleiterstraße.





In 1992 the planning was made for the new building on the site Buchener Straße 16c.



The construction of the company building began in spring 1993. From the 30th of october to the 1st of november already was the move of the company into their new home. On the 25th of november, the lighting-store “Lampenfieber” was opened. Also Dieter Hennig became a managing-director and Licht Concept became a member of the EK / Service Group in Bielefeld.



On the 25th of march was the official opening ceremony with blessing, key handover and a large party. On the 26th and 27th of march was, for the general public, an "open day", which was rounded by the entertainment in the marquee and the Maintaler puppet theater. For entertainment played the "Odenwald traditional band" and the "Rippberger brass music".



In the year of our 10th anniversary of the company, the company Licht Concept employed 26 employees. We organized a large celebration, which was held in the own premises.



In 1996 the job "office clerk" was trained for the first time. With "s.Oliver" we won a new major customer, which is remained faithful to us and with whom we always together have supported the brand "s.Oliver".



A program was introduced, specially for Licht Concept developed based on a Visual Fox Pro database.



For the first time, the lighting-plans were created with CAD machines. This conversion was a little revolution, because in addition to the drawing board many routine activities were replaced.



Tanja Bonn, the daughter of the founder Willi Hennig came into the company and since then she took the tasks in the lighting store "Lampenfieber". Also the domain www.licht-concept.de was online



In this year was already started to plan for the extension. On May 2000, the first "trend and technology" took place on the parking deck on the terrain of "Riesen". In this exhibition we involved us with a large exhibition stand and with a lot of free beer.



Around the bulb brochure, which appears since 1989, a professional online store was created, in which customers can order their bulb via internet comfortable. The in-house canteen opened at the 14th of november.



Now the extension was completed. His future son in law Heiko Bechtold finished this year the additional training as an electrician and started successfully with the expansion of sales.



The inauguration of the building was celebrated with a spectacular party in the Nibelungen hall. The highlight of this event was the speech from the former Prime Minister Prof. Dr.h.c. Lothar Spaeth.



At the beginning of this year, the second daughter of Willi Hennig came into the company and took over some commercial tasks. After the death of her uncle Dieter Hennig, his succession took Nicole Bechtold.



Dieter Hennig, the commercial manager and partner, died, suddenly and unexpectedly, at 5th of November.



The managing director Willi Hennig and his daughter Nicole Bechtold take over completely the business shares of Licht-Concept and the real-estate company..



We change the name of the company from "Licht-Concept Elektrogroß- und Einzelhandels- sowie Elektroinstallation GmbH" into "Licht Concept GmbH". Nicole Bechtold was registered as single procuration.



On 1st february, counter sales was closed for private consumers. Since that time commercial customers can commissioned to their wholesale order via fax, phone or e-mail. For the first time in company history, sales exceeded the 11 million-border and was a record year. Moreover, the Licht Concept Hungaria Kft was founded.



Despite of the economic crisis, it was managed, in this year, to get in the black, although great lost revenue was made by Licht-Concept.



With the introduction of the filing system "Windream", Licht Concept did another step towards "paperless office ". Already since 2005, the time recording system "TCS", used on phone or PC, programmed by Patrick Hennig, replaced written records of the working time. Moreover, because of the 25th anniversary, an anniversary newspaper was published.



With an exhibition stand at the "Euro Shop" in Dusseldorf, Licht Concept has extended its sales activities and could convince more customers by the full-service benefits of the company. Moreover, a great outing was planned on occasion to the 25th anniversary in the next year,  with sledding and snowshoeing to Neukirchen, at the Großvenediger in Austria.


Visions of the future:

The company's aim is to continue the successful development of recent years,  and to inspire existing customers and winning new customers. The name "Licht Concept" meant to be established further in the industry. The values of the positive corporate culture, should be continued and established, so that the employees stay in the Licht-Concept family, with fun and enthusiasm.